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Beyond Wikipedia: Wikis and Archives in Teaching

In my teaching I have designed assignment sequences that combine the use of wikis and archival research. In doing so, I intend to introduce my students to the critical dimensions of collaborative digital forms of knowledge production as well as … Continue reading

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Intro to Zotero

In thinking about the Creative Uses of Zotero discussion I proposed, I realized it might be worthwhile to have an informal intro session for people who are new users first. So, I’m proposing a quick and dirty Zotero workshop. Attendees … Continue reading

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Writing & Beyond with Scrivener

As a relatively recent convert to Scrivener, I feel that I am only starting to scratch the surface of some of the features that it offers. Despite its lack of a seamless interface with Zotero (another tool with which I … Continue reading

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DPLA: SearchFest

I am interested in how the Digital Public Library can be used (in your teaching, for an assignment, or in your own research) and am in search of folks who want to experiment together. Let’s explore the DPLA through multiple … Continue reading

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