Beyond Wikipedia: Wikis and Archives in Teaching

In my teaching I have designed assignment sequences that combine the use of wikis and archival research. In doing so, I intend to introduce my students to the critical dimensions of collaborative digital forms of knowledge production as well as the experience of classic hands-on archival research. In this session I hope to discuss strategies of using wiki-style technologies as a collaborative tool for students to engage in writing as well as interacting as a community of writers and editors with an eye to the public dimension of knowledge production. I also want to explore ways of  exciting our students about the possibilities of original research and the importance and experience of pre-digital archival work.

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About Christine Yao

I am a PhD Candidate in English literature at Cornell University working on a dissertation entitled Feeling Subjects: Science and Law in Nineteenth Century America. I'm interested in queer theory, critical race theory, and affect theory in relation to nineteenth-century American literature. Outside of my research interests, I'm engaged in geek culture, such as video games and comic books.