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Emulation show and tell (and learn and hack)

At Cornell, we have a grant to come up with a digital preservation framework for CD-ROM art — art created for now-obsolete operating systems and hardware platforms. Of the many activities we are engaging in to develop this framework is … Continue reading

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SWOTing at Humane Newspaper Based Research Practice – A Three Act Dialogue

They have been called a first rough draft of history.  They relied upon child labor. They have seen advertising dollars and established business models erode.   They have transformed from offline to online artifacts, leading to both newer formats and issues … Continue reading

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Smash the Bot for Fun and Profit

I’ve become interested in the scholarly possibilities of Twitter bots. From bots that tweet a line from Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, “over and over” (@TweetsOfGrass), to generating tweets that sound like Buddhist koans (@Horse_ebooks), to automating the writing of … Continue reading

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Games for Change in CNY

The goal of this session is to explore the different ways that Games are being used for change in Central New York.  During this round table, attendees will be invited to talk about how they have used games for change, … Continue reading

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DPLA: SearchFest

I am interested in how the Digital Public Library can be used (in your teaching, for an assignment, or in your own research) and am in search of folks who want to experiment together. Let’s explore the DPLA through multiple … Continue reading

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Individual, “Scholar-Level” Collections and Archives

I’m interested in the use, and usefulness, of what I’ll call here (both for want of a better term, and as a deliberate provocation) “scholar-scale” collections of materials. To flesh out what I’m talking about, let me given an example: … Continue reading

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Creative Uses of Zotero

I’m very interested in how people research, read, and write together, and I”m also an avid user of Zotero. I’m proposing a session where Zotero users (both new & old) talk about ways to use the tool to do more … Continue reading

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