Lunchtime Dork Shorts on Friday

As you may have seen on the tentative schedule, we are planning to have a session of Dork Shorts concurrent with our lunch session on Friday. What are Dork Shorts?

Dork shorts, known in some corners as “lightning talks,” are brief (2-minute or 3-minute) presentations in which attendees discuss current or upcoming projects, demonstrate new tools, or call for collaborators. Like most of THATCamp, Dork Shorts are meant to be as informal as possible… Dork Shorts let you learn a lot in a little bit of time.

Dork shorts will also allow us to get to know each others’ interests quickly. If you would like to present to the whole group on a THATCamp-y project, tool, or idea you have, we’d love to hear from you. No need to prepare an elaborate presentation, but you’ll have a computer and projector and can show a web page or a slideshow– just remember: you’ve only got 3 minutes.

We’ll have a sign-up sheet for Dork Shorts at registration Friday morning, but feel free to chime in in the comments to this post if you already know you want to participate.

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  1. Michael Pasqualoni says:


    I am happy to present the following Dork Short:
    “9 Decades In 3 Minutes: A Masters at the Movies YouTube Mashup”

    context to be shared when I present….thanks.

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